Programme Curriculum


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3 Months


Graduate in any discipline


Rs. 8000

Who is this course for?

Cloud practitioners, students those are interested to make their career in cloud.

Program Overview

This course introduces the fundamental principles of cloud computing and its related paradigms. It discusses the concepts of virtualization technologies along with the architectural models of cloud computing. It presents prominent cloud computing technologies that are available in the marketplace, including the Aneka Cloud Application Platform. In this course discussion of concurrent, high-throughput, and data-intensive computing paradigms and their use in programming cloud applications. Various application case studies from domains such as science, engineering, gaming, and social networking are introduced, along with their architecture and how they leverage various cloud technologies.


  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing
  2. Principles of Parallel Computing
  3. Principles of Distributed Computing
  4. Virtualization
  5. Virtualization- Technology Examples
  6. Cloud-Computing Architecture
  7. Aneka: Cloud Application Platform
  8. Concurrent Computing: Thread Programming
  9. Concurrent Computing: Multithreading with Aneka
  10. High-Throughput Computing: Task Programming
  11. Cloud Platforms in Industry – I
  12. Cloud Platforms in Industry - II
  13. Cloud Applications - I
  14. Cloud Applications - II

Take away from this course

To understand the mechanisms needed to harness cloud computing in their own respective endeavours. This course open research problems and opportunities that have arisen from the rapid uptake of cloud computing. Aneka provides a flexible model for creating cloud applications and deploying them on a wide variety of infrastructures, including public clouds such as Amazon EC2.

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