Programme Curriculum


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18 Hours


Graduate in any discipline


Rs. 3000

Who is this course for?

Production/Operations/Supply chain professionals.

Program Overview

The course will cover Manufacturing /Operations functions’ activities, processes and techniques involved for optimising various activities The course also covers Quality Management and concepts like JIT, Kanban etc.


  1. The Production (Manufacturing) Function
  2. Manufacturing Methods
  3. Facilities (Plant) Location
  4. Facilities (Plant) Layout
  5. Production Planning and Control (PPC)
  6. Aggregate Planning
  7. Master Production Schedule
  8. Operations Scheduling
  9. Production Activity Control
  10. JIT and Kanban
  11. Project Planning & Control: Critical Path Analysis (PERT/CPM)
  12. Maintenance of the Plant
  13. Quality Management- I
  14. Quality Management - II
  15. Six Sigma
  16. Work Study - I (Method Study)
  17. Work Study - II (Work Measurement)
  18. Operations Management in Service Sector

Take away from this course

Insight into functions and techniques in manufacturing and operations including modern techniques for optimisation.

Program Co-ordinator

Shashank Bhandakkar